Jobs Are Going Extinct. But That Doesn’t Mean We Have To.


Feb 13 2018 – Jolene Creighton – Futurism

If you work in an ad agency, a robot is probably going to take your job. If you drive a taxi, or work for a ride-hailing service like Uber, a robot is definitely going to take your job — and will probably do so in the next couple of years. If robot autonomy doesn’t take your job (but just an FYI, it probably will) you are going to get paid less because of a robot.

Robert B. Reich’s 7 Incredibly Clear Economic Fundamentals in Under 90 Seconds


Sept 17 2017 – Robert B. Reich

This incredibly short and simple explanation of certain basic economic principles really helps us understand why wealth redistribution in the form of universal basic income and other programs like it will actually grow the economy and help the people in the middle and the bottom while also increasing the wealth at the top.