How Automation Will Change Work, Purpose, and Meaning


Jan 11 2018 – Robert C. Wolcott – Harvard Business Review

The promise of AI and automation raises new questions about the role of work in our lives. Most of us will remain focused for decades to come on activities of physical or financial production, but as technology provides services and goods at ever-lower cost, human beings will be compelled to discover new roles — roles that aren’t necessarily tied to how we conceive of work today.

11/29/17 – Axios Future of Work


Nov 29 2017 – Steve LeVine – Axios

We know that automation is wiping out whole occupations, but are leading experts correct that the unemployed will eventually shift into new professions created by the vibrant economy? And if so, what are some of these new jobs?

Who Will Own The Robots?


June 16 2015 – David Rotman – MIT Technology Review

We’re in the midst of a jobs crisis, and rapid advances in AI and other technologies may be one culprit. How can we get better at sharing the wealth that technology creates?