The AI gig economy is coming for you


May 31, 2019 – Karen Hao – MIT Technology Review

“The artificial-intelligence industry runs on the invisible labor of humans working in isolated and often terrible conditions—and the model is spreading to more and more businesses.”

The Future Of Restaurant Technology And The Role Of AI


May 28, 2019 – Lana Bandoim – Forbes

“In an industry known for tight profit margins, restaurant owners and operators need to make smart business choices. With more restaurateurs turning to technology to manage their teams and operations, the Presto platform helps operators make data-driven decisions.”

The Problem With Automation


April 10, 2019 – Steve LeVine – Axios

While prior technological cycles have killed a lot of jobs, businesses and government have taken other actions that have counter-balanced the loss. Primarily, towering new technologies have spawned a lot of new industries and jobs.

Robots Have an Increasingly Important Role in Construction


May 1, 2019 – Nathan King – Scientific American

According to the United Nations, 400,000 new people enter the middle class every day. To accommodate this growing population, it is estimated that the construction industry will need to build an average of 13,000 buildings every day through 2050.

How To Keep The Robots From Taking Jobs


May 1, 2019 – José García and Madeline Janis – The Agenda

Even the most carefully modeled forecasts cannot determine the future of work and workers. And we believe that local, state and federal policymakers can have a substantial influence over how these technologies develop in the coming years.